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Whether you’ve had a recent injury or you’ve been suffering for a long time, the Pain Doctors offer an extensive range of treatment options to help improve your pain and aid recovery.

Patient care is provided in collaboration with a group of leading physicians who specialize in relieving pain from degenerative conditions such as lower back pain and arthritis.

All of the specialists that work as part of the Pain Doctors clinics are dual qualified in anaesthesia and interventional pain medicine.

They will work with you to understand the physical, emotional, and psychological elements of your condition and together with physiotherapists and psychologists provide a tailored management plan.

The Pain Doctors, formerly known as Gold Coast Pain Associates, provide care for patients across the entire Gold Coast and northern New South Wales region. Their primary clinic is based at Pindara Private Hospital specialist suites but future clinics are planned in John Flynn Hospital and Brisbane.


Latest updates

We are very happy to announce that over the last month the building work on our new offices has been completed and we have successfully moved from our old rooms.

The completion of our new rooms also means an expansion of services in the new year. These will include a number of ultrasound guided in room treatments and injection based therapies such as PRP and botox.

A new pain orientated rehabilitation and exercise program will be available next year as we expand our service.

Hospital based treatments are available to all privately insured patients. Currently we do not charge any gap fees meaning that all treatment is covered by your insurer.

Minimally invasive in room treatments can be provided to all patients. These are typically performed under ultrasound guidance and may be used to help diagnose or treat a variety of pain conditions.



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