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Chronic pain is a complex and debilitating condition which can have a major impact on your levels of physical activity and quality of life. The Pain Doctors team of specialist physicians are able to provide the most advanced techniques available for the
treatment of pain in a supportive and compassionate environment. We will work with you to develop a management strategy to reduce your levels of pain, improve your function and restore your quality of life.
Dr Leigh Dotchin

Dr Leigh Dotchin

Specialist Pain Physician


Dr Leigh Dotchin
Specialist Pain Physician
Dr Anthony Espinet

Dr Anthony Espinet

Specialist Pain Physician


Dr Anthony Espinet
Specialist Pain Physician

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Accurate diagnosis using the latest imaging technologies coupled with clinical insight and experience is key to identifying the source of pain.

Pain, while it is a ubiquitous experience, is far from a simple phenomenon. The symptom of pain is the end product of a distressed or injured structure within the body which is then sensed by the nervous system.
By systematically identifying the key causes of pain we are able to better treat the underlying pathology and produce more dramatic and longer lasting improvements.

Individualised medication plans using the most recent clinical trial information provide the greatest benefit while reducing problematic side effects.

Pain medications, or analgesics, have been developed to try and reduce pain by acting on nerves and other tissues within the body. Their actions reduce chemicals and nerve transmission which conduct the pain signals to the brain. Each medicine can cost billions of dollars to develop.
As there are an extensive array of analgesics which can be trialled it is important to have a clear understanding and plan of how these agents work and how they interact with other medications and your medical conditions.

Interventional treatment techniques are used to reduce pain directly. These often produce the most dramatic results as they target the source of pain.

Interventional pain treatments typically involve the placement of a needle, probe or catheter into the area where the pain is thought to be coming from. This is usually performed under anaesthesia. A fluoroscope or ultrasound is used to help guide the device to the target area.
Once at the target the Pain Physician can use a number of treatment techniques to reduce pain, inflammation and sensitivity in the area.

Inpatient or daystay pain rehabilitation is aimed at providing physical therapy to improve muscle tone, posture, movement and balance.

One of the key ways of preventing pain and maintaining any improvement is to try develop a regular physical therapy routine. This ideally tries to improve muscle tone and posture. Finding the right physical therapy can be challenging.
Some exercises or treatments can exacerbate discomfort and it is important to have guidance about what strategies are likely to help and how to undertake it.

Medications are commonly used for chronic pain conditions. Using them effectively and avoiding side effects can be challenging and careful planning and monitoring are key.

Medications can work naturally in the sense that they mimic some of our bodies own neurochemicals to reduce pain. They can be a useful part of a larger pain management strategy, particularly in the short to medium term.
Unfortunately there are side effects which limit their use and effectiveness. If you use medications we will work with you to manage these medications, emphasizing safety and finding the most beneficial regimen.

Common Treatments

Interventional or direct treatment of pain is achieved by targeting the source of the discomfort. Diagnostic blocks followed by more definitive radiofreqency or cryotherapy treatments can be used to reduce inflammation and sensitivity in sensitive and injured tissue.

Why Choose Us?


We will evaluate all aspects of your condition using the latest investigations and techniques to treat all aspects of your pain condition.


Our friendly staff have all worked in pain medicine for over a decade here on the Gold Coast. We enjoy getting to know our patients and their families.


Over the last 15 years Dr Leigh Dotchin and Dr Anthony Espinet have provided more than 14000 consultations and 25000 treatments.

Those who do not feel pain seldom think that it is felt.

Dr Samuel Johnson

Some of the conditions we treat

Pain can be caused by a wide variety of problems ranging from simple wear and tear through to complex neurological and hypersensitivity phenomenon. We tailor management strategies to treat the different components of the pain and its underlying cause.


How can I organise an appointment?
The simplest first step is just to call or email our friendly reception staff and they will talk you through how we can arrange an appointment for you.
Which types of pain can you help with?
We aim to help with all types of pain ranging from simple wear and tear related symptoms through to complex neurological and hypersensitivity disorders. The individual nature of a persons pain means that we will tailor treatments options for you.
Can you help if I am being looked after by another specialist?
We commonly work together with other specialists (e.g. spinal and neuro surgeons, general surgeons, neurologists, rheumatologists) to optimise your care.
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